The webmaster for this site is David K. Anderson.
If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions concerning the web site, please contact him at

Here's a list of sites David has designed and developed:
www.bonusbooks.com Bonus Books is a publisher with offices in Los Angeles and Chicago. They have an especially good selection of books in the categories of Broadcast Journalism and Newspaper Writing, Games and Gambling, and Healthcare Management.
www.quickdraw1.com Need T-shirts? Get them from QuickDraw! This LA-based screenprinting and embroidery company makes only the highest quality custom garments at great prices. Whether you need tshirts, hats, bags, jackets, bandanas, or any other garment, QuickDraw! can help.
They do business with clients all around the nation, including Disney, Whole Foods, and Habitat For Humanity.
No matter how large or small your order is, and no matter where you're located, QuickDraw! has the solution you need.
www.sporkspork.com Fun, High-energy A Cappella! Need a boost of energetic entertainment at your corporate event? Call Spork, a quartet of multitalented singers who will bring life and a blast of humor to your gathering.
www.casa.org The A Cappella Almanac is the website for the Contemporary A Cappella Society, CASA, a non profit organization whose mission is to spread harmony through harmony. David designed, programmed, and maintains the classified ads as a pro bono project.
www.blindmansbluff.com Chicago's Vocal Rock Band, Blind Man's Bluff. David used to sing with this very original touring a cappella rock band. Check out the site for sound clips and more.
David Anderson has also worked on:
www.andersonsports.com AndersonSports.com is the home of the Anderson-Hester College Football Rankings, a major component of the BCS college football ranking system that determines which teams go to which bowl games. Find great college football statistics and analysis here, along with basketball, baseball, tennis, and more.